Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Lion's Energy Emerges

In our current month of August the energy will be slowing down a bit but building momentum on deeper levels dimensionally.  August symbolizes Leo the Lion which is depicted as courageous and protective.  July gave us a window of opportunity to finally settle our debts with the past.  Collectively we passed through some painful past memories and found our inner strength to move through them on to the other side of the dark clouds that have followed us for eons, leading us into deceptive beliefs about ourselves and our true heritage as spirit beings of the light.

The August energy gives us the capacity to face any painful memories, that may be still lurking around seeking for attention, with courage.  It also provides the opportunity for us to gain greater trust and to establish confidence in our gifts that we came to share with the world at this time.  This month is a starting point where trust and abilities will merge and spiral up.

My Guide tells me that August is a month that will flood the earth with light because humanity is ready to began integrating the light and to move forward in a whole new direction.  I am beginning to see the effects of this already. 

I went for a walk in my neighborhood today and everything seemed to have a layer of protection and beauty over it.  Now this was experienced through a deep abiding feeling that I understood was love.  Everything seemed so sacred and in divine order.  There was a quietness that engulfed the entire atmosphere as I constantly found myself saying, "I am so blessed,,,thank you!"

Be sure to embrace the energy that has come to raise your soul's vibration so that you may enter into the Kingdom of God.  It is in you waiting for you to surrender all fear and allow perfect love to reside in you.  You came here to do a great work and the Lion's energy is here to give you courage and remind you that you are not alone and are protected by the host of heaven, angels and God.   So let's us move forward towards the light of God's love that is our home, that is our own reality.

Be Strong!
Be Courageous!
Be Love!

Love Always

Nazeelah Noorjahan

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The New Energy and How to Be with It

~Prepare for the Next Wave of Energy~

The times you have long prepared for have arrived. Do you know what this means?

Right now you are in one of the calmer transitions, preparing for the next big wave of energy. It's like you have a few moments to catch your breath and reflect. As you do, it's quickly apparent how much is changing all around you. Your own changes are at warp speed, too.

The part of you that's conditioned by limited thinking may be feeling nervous, not seeing the other multidimensional parts of reality now on the drawing board. Just because you can't see them, of course, doesn't mean they aren't there!

Divine Changemakers and Multidimensional Reality

Adding to your uncertainty, without your knowing it, is an inner conflict between the linear conventional life approach you learned and the multidimensional approach that comes naturally to you on an inner level.

As a divine changemaker, you are learning to apply the multidimensional approach more and more of the time.

As part of your spiritual growth process, you are embracing new-paradigm thinking with multidimensional approaches. The more that you apply these in your life, the more expanded your potentials become.

You see more of the subtle realms and grasp more of the deeper concepts. This adds richness to your life experience, allowing you to perceive beyond ordinary parameters.

As you learn to live in the multidimensional reality, a whole new range of options becomes available. Your path literally expands, right before your eyes. Instead of seeing your choices as this or that, you begin to realize it can be this and that.

When you approach calmer moments with a multidimensional or quantum perspective, you know to look beyond the obvious. On a surface level, for example, it may seem as though your forward movement is blocked.

How to Discover Subtle Factors

If you want a new job and none are materializing, look at subtle factors. These could be within you or they could be external.

Inner blocks, often subconscious, are more difficult to detect. Examples include self-doubt, anger, blame, insufficient passion, and resistance.

External blocks, often beyond your control, include personal issues of other people and chaos within organizations.

If you find yourself blocked, therefore, invite your higher wisdom to reveal how much of the obstruction is coming from within you and how much is related to external factors.

Next you inquire about the underlying causes of the block. When you are doing this inquiry, be sure to allow enough quiet time for reflection. Don't assume that the first answer you receive is the whole picture; go deeper for clarification.

It's ideal to bring the issue into your dream state for a night or two as well, inviting spirit to give you a higher perspective.

A Simple Question

Remember that you are moving through unprecedented amounts of change. Go gently with yourself. You won't have answers all of the time. You won't feel comfortable all of the time. You won't always know what to ask, either.

The next time you feel blocked on your path, become still and ask this simple question: "What am I not seeing?" The answer to that question can open your mind to a larger picture. You may also be pleasantly surprised to learn that there's nothing further to do right now, except to be patient as your accumulated efforts begin to materialize. Go enjoy your day then, knowing all is well!

Written By: Selacia from Spirit Libray

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifth Dimensional Energy: The New Level of Living Life Freely

Many of us have 'moved' into our new home..the fifth dimension.  You know when you have reached this level of existence when you realized that nothing matters but the present moment and events quickly become the past. A shift in perception happens when you are ready to let go of all the old and anticipate the new without any interference.  The article below really give a clear picture of living in the fifth dimension.  I hope you are here with me if not I will see you later!

Joy and Peace
Queen Mother Goddess

"5th Dimension Consciousness" by Trish LeSage

We are living during a monumental time in which humanity is experiencing a shift to higher consciousness. We are shifting from 3rd dimension consciousness to 5th dimension consciousness. The following is what one may experience once they have reached 5th dimension consciousness and beyond: 

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, they may experience existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy. No effort is required on their part to remain in this state. This takes place naturally and automatically. All dissonant energy is automatically filtered out. 

In addition to automatically existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy, people who have reached 5thdimension consciousness may begin to automatically see themselves in everyone whether it be humans or animals. They may also begin to automatically feel love for everyone. 

Furthermore, no negative thoughts stream into the mind of a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness. In fact, all negative thoughts are automatically filtered out of their mind. 

The mind is also automatically quiet without the constant chatter that flows into the 3rd dimension mind. In fact, there are not very many thoughts that enter a mind that has reached 5th dimension consciousness unless the thoughts are necessary in moving them from one event or moment to the next event or moment. 

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, their perception of time may slow down considerably. Time on the clock of the wall may seem to pass by more quickly, but the mind does not perceive that very much time has passed. This may be compared to what is said happens when a person experiences physical death. During physical death, a person transitions from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness. It is said that while years may pass on the Earth, it may seem like only minutes have passed in the spirit world. Our perception of time slows down as we transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness during physical death. This is why it may seem that not much time has passed in the spirit world while a lot of time has passed on the Earth. 

Those who have ever had a close brush with death as a result of an accident or nearly being in an accident, may have noticed, that their mind starts moving more slowly in these situations also. Everything appears to happen in slow motion. The soul is getting ready to transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness in these situations so that the person may exit through the portal of death. Hence, their perception of time slows down. Sometimes a change to the divine plan for the person's life is made, however, and they miraculously barely escape from harm often at the last second. 

One may also notice that if they use Self-Hypnosis or meditation, it may also seem as though not much time has passed, but according to the clock on the wall, a lot of time may have passed. Again, in these cases, the mind is transitioning beyond the 3rd dimension. 

The same phenomenon happens while we are physically alive in a 3rd dimension body on the 3rd dimension Earth, and our energy vibration increases, and we ascend to 5th dimension consciousness. Our perception of time slows down. 

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, they only live in the present moment with no reference to the past. They can access past memories if they need to, however, a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness does not dwell in the past. Their mind is automatically focused on the present moment with no effort required on their part at all whatsoever. It is simply a state of being that they automatically live in. 

Since a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness is automatically living in the present moment, they also do not have any reference to the future which means that they do not have any worries on their mind about the future neither. They simply live from moment to moment and from one event to the next event. 

A person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness may also experience increased psychic and intuitive abilities. They may experience any of the following: Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the 3rd dimension/3D), Clairaudience (hearing beyond 3D), Clairsentience ( feeling beyond 3D), Clairgustance (tasting beyond 3D), Clairalience (smelling beyond 3D), Clairempathy (feeling what others feel), Claircognizance (Information that a person had no prior knowledge of flows into their mind automatically from an unknown source.), 

Telepathy, Premonitions, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), Prophecy, split consciousness, Kinetic Energy (moving physical objects without touching them physically and without intending to move them), Psychokinesis (moving physical objects without physically touching them when intending to move them), Psychometry (touching an object and being able to feel the energy that has been absorbed by the object), and other psychic phenomena. 

A person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness may also shift from a state of mind based on belief to a state of mind based on intuitive knowing. Intuitive knowing goes beyond one's belief system. It is an inner knowing. 

Similarily, one may also automatically know whether information is true or false based on how the energy of the information resonates, as everything in existence is simply energy. There is nothing in existence that is not energy. Even our thoughts are energy. 

Manifestation is also much easier when a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness. No meditations, visualizations, rituals, putting a lot of energy into statements of intent, nor any focus on nor knowledge of the Law of Attraction is required neither. Just a simple, light thought about what is desired is enough to manifest it into physical reality, and in a lot of situations, no thought about their desires is even required, as everything is simply synchronized so that what they need is there for them exactly when and where they need it. 

This is indeed a very interesting time in which to be alive on the Earth. We are headed to a state of existence that is free from the dissonance and the restrictions of the 3rd dimension, and it is a wonderful and beautiful state of existence to live in.
About The Author:
Trish LeSage is a writer of articles and books on Metaphysics and spirituality. She recently published a book about alternate realities titled "Traveling To Parallel Universes". She is also a healer of The Violet Flame. She may be contacted through her website at 

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Am Spirit ~ I Am Love!

June 1, 2012


The last few days have been very difficult for me.  Being the empath that I am, my sensitivity has heightened much more over the last month (May 2012).  I felt that I needed to clarify what I have been going through and I did so with the attached post as well as the ‘energy report from Lee Harris at  (both are found at the bottom of this post).
I recognize that I am not ‘here’ anymore.  I have stepped into a higher and new dimension.  I know this for certainty because my Soul self has taken over and is living the life that I came to live in the new earth. 
A Course in Miracles states that the meek shall inherit the earth, not by force but by truth.  In the last 10 years I have been surrendering my earthly ties to the spirit realm in order to reach my divine purpose.  Most of the time ‘I’ was not aware of this.

My soul have been journeying, carrying me into deeper wider understandings while revealing layers of self-deception through accepted beliefs and giving me visions of our future.  I came to understand that the future is now and is always now.  You must humbly surrender what you believe you understand to greater and higher perceptions through the soul.

Last night I toss and turned due to gross restlessness and the Spirit said to me ‘birth pangs’.   I understood immediately and accepted it as my truth and then Lee clarified it in his video.   I recognize and am aware that I am becoming more than I was as a human being.  I am being rebirthed.  Being human has been my scapegoat or the mask I wore, as I learned and surrendered to the many initiations and inner preparations happening to me on multiple levels, integrating love, light and truth within my sphere of being.  The experience is unexplainable and yet undeniable.  If only the average human being knew the power and the love (which is one and the same) that lies in each of us.

Life as I knew it as a human is the past and the past is gone.  I still see it and interact with it but from a perspective of awareness that this is not the greater picture nor is 'real'.  The hardest thing has been patience for me personally.  Once you have a peek into the ‘real world’ you will not want to continue experiencing the 3D world because you see, feel and understand how limited the old world is and your soul struggles in limitation because it was created to be unlimited, infinite even.

Now my desire is to help others through the transitions of going from earthly sense to spirit awareness.  Many times I don’t need to do or say anything but only to stay within the awareness of my own Soul self and others benefit as do I.
This morning I found myself in a vast space.  I stood there looking around at the wide openness.  I was free and I could feel it through my being.  The heaviness of life and expectations was gone.  I was free.  I am free now because I am aware that I am spirit and I am unlimited, not in an intellectual sense but from an awareness that needs no proof or explanation. 

The opportunity to expand my consciousness is here now.  I give thanks to all Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Messengers of God all over the planet for giving their life over to the greater grand plan of manifesting Heaven on earth.  Collectively we have gone through hell to fulfill our missions and I am grateful for the Oneness that we are and for my brother Yeshua.  Most importantly I thank God for His Perfect Plan of Atonement!. 

Go here to read post on June's energy. 

Video of Lee Harris reporting on the Energy of May 2012.  It resonated 100% for me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Arcturian Group – We would like to speak to you of ascension

The Arcturian Group – May 5, 2012


As channeled by Marilyn Raffaele
Dear ones, we are here to greet and welcome you all in this new era of energy. You are now feeling change within. Many are feeling disoriented and wonder if there are physical issues. No, what you are experiencing is simply the adjusting necessary as the body integrates the higher frequencies.
Much is changing within the physical body as cells release that which is old, and integrate the new and higher. When you are feeling sick, or weak, or your ears are ringing etc., just remember that you are making huge changes within your physical, emotional and mental systems.
Rest more, allow yourselves to enjoy what you enjoy, drink and eat cleanly, and fill your consciousness with truth, while letting go of all that is old and finished. We are not saying that you should not consult a doctor if you are guided to do so, but be aware that the energy is affecting how you physically feel.
You are well on your way to a new and brighter world experience even though it often does not appear that way. Much is yet to be revealed and much is yet to be experienced by those of you choosing to ascend.
We would like to speak to you of ascension. This is a time of movement into the higher frequencies and is not a time to panic while trying to hold on to ways of doing things that have always worked for you. Many of these ways will either be lifted to a higher level, or will simply no longer work as they have in the past because those of you that have chosen ascension are now on your way out of the old energy.
However, many who are ready for the new energy, have not consciously chosen it because they do not know about it nor are they interested in it. These are the those who have over many lifetimes, attained a consciousness of oneness.
Because of this, they are ready for ascension, but do not really know on a conscious level what is occurring. These are the dear ones that you will be helping and teaching. These are the ones who will be afraid and wondering what is happening at some point.
You see, the criteria for ascension is having attained a consciousness of the oneness of all life. These dear souls live lives in whatever way they have chosen, often with no seeming interest in anything spiritual and yet living spiritually in every way. They are respectful of all life, live as kind and generous people, and often influence others in a positive way without even being aware of it. They are ready for the next step.
Every life time an individual has, adds to an accumulation of experiences which eventually lead to spiritual (not religious) evolution. In the process, many may appear to have wasted their opportunities for growth but it matters not, for all experience teaches, and every individual will eventually remember and unite with their true selves at some point. There is no time, and those not yet ready for ascension will have another time.
In lifetimes prior to this one, individuals incarnated having chosen one or two issues to be learned or resolved. However this time, because of the powerful shift taking place on earth, all who are serious about their spiritual growth and wishing to be a part of the new energy, came in with a much longer list of all needing to be finished, experienced, or learned quickly. Which is why so many of you have felt like your lives seem to be a series of moving from one issue to another.
Some of you brought lessons of karmic completion with either one or many. As a result, you have found yourselves in relationships that were often problematic from the beginning . As you were intuitively guided to lovingly work through the issues, the old energy was balanced, released, and finished. Others came in to experience and learn specific lessons of the third dimensional energy still needing to be learned.
The most powerful and the hardest lesson in this evolution is learning to look within instead of without. Learning through lifetimes of painful experiences and disappointment, that completeness and true happiness can never be found in person, place, thing. This is the barrier from third dimensional energy in to the fifth.
Many spiritually ready to make this jump in awareness have found themselves in relationships of all sorts that seem to have stopped working, leaving them heartbroken and wondering what happened. Or in another scenario, they may have fulfilled their material goals in every way but still feel empty and unhappy. Some may suddenly lose everything they have.
There are an infinite number of ways to learn that the “kingdom is within” and, for the beginner soul, most of them are difficult and often very painful but at some point in the evolutionary journey, the lessons begin to come by grace and not through pain and suffering. It is important to state: “I choose to learn gently and easily” because out there in the human matrix of world beliefs is the belief that spiritual learning must be done through suffering. Much of mankind’s’ suffering is brought about through trying to hold on to something that is finished in the belief that it holds one’s happiness.
Every soul chooses before incarnating into “earth school”, those experiences that will eventually guide him into a state of consciousness that knows all reality is in and of the One omnipresent Consciousness. Because this Divine Consciousness is all there is, it must also be individual consciousness. Completeness, wholeness, intelligence, wisdom, abundance, and all the infinite qualities of Source lie sleeping within ITS manifestation and gradually awaken onto conscious awareness over lifetimes.
The Higher Self of each individual never sleeps and has never forgotten who it is, and so the journey must always move forward even if at times it is with baby steps.
We tell you these things because you are at a crucial point in your journey now. All that is left to be cleared and released is quickly coming to the surface. Do not fight it, but rejoice in the realization that what may look to the world as failure, is graduation dear ones, graduation.
We are the Arcturian Group – 5/5/12

Through Diversity We Find Unity, By Ben-Arion

Keywords in this first contact are Love and Truth. Nothing will be as it was
before. A reunion that will be experienced together with thousands of cosmic Civilizations, only in this galaxy. It´s a step by step process, that will introduce us to the universal family.

The media only shows us a fraction of the truth of what is happening on Earth.  One who seeks answers will have to find them on their own. The truth is that changes are bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine. Our planet is about to break out of its old shell and rise up to a higher frequency and that concerns everyone that lives on her.
Now I want to speak about the implications of first contact.

People will see and feel this Cosmic Contact in different ways, depending on their beliefs.
  • Some will see them as saviors, "saving" them from Evil.
  • Some will see them as Angels that are "above" the earth people.
  • Some will Fear them because they "feel something unknown".
  • Some will have very mixed emotions and feel very confused.
  • Some will see with their hearts, the true nature of This Event and all the positive changes it will bring, in a state of Love and Peace.

There is no right or wrong way to see this, "it simply is".  But many will become confused due to their "perception filters" or old glasses they have worn throughout their life.

Some people have no idea that we have a Soul, that is able to "leave" the physical body, that we are Eternal beings of light having a human experience.  Some will just see these ships as Pure 3rd dimensional crafts, because they have no concept of the "Higher" Dimensions of Light, and some will not be able to Grasp the Whole picture or higher perspective.  So beliefs will be a "huge" filter for how people will "Translate" what they see.  Some people will connect what they see, based on the religious teachings they grew up with and so on.

But Slowly people will start to realize that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are one Family.

There are billions of people on this Planet, and out of these, there aren’t many who Know on a conscious level what is about to happen.  Many will just "wake up" because they will be triggered by the Heightened energies of Love.  So first contact is a key for many to awaken...

The introduction to The Galactic federation is like "your birthday", there are no labels attached to it by Beliefs or Ideas.  It simply is Our Divine Destiny, we all decided and planned for this.  There is nothing "Religious" about it, it is a grand event, welcoming us into the Larger picture of Love, waking us up from the Limited Matrix.

To describe it in some way, it can be likened to humanity living within a small cottage in a deep forest with the absence of Sunlight. Now it is time to step outside of that cottage and realize that we are a part of the universe and that everything is connected and synchronized.

Many People will be shocked when this is announced, because it will be as if Their lives are turned "Upside down".  Just think about all the skeptics who have denied their selves so deeply.  When this happens, they will have a hard time "forgiving themselves". Some people will find it hard to "interpret" what they experience through their feelings.  And some may want to defend their beliefs.  And that is understood, because letting go of your "old limited beliefs" will not be as simple as 1..2..3.

This is where you all come into the picture. You who read this message, to explain, to care for everyone, and be an example. To share what you've been practicing all your life.  Be An Anchor of Calm and Peace In humbleness in all the confusion.

All people may not be able to understand that all these things that happen here on Earth are interconnected and interwoven, and that this shift is as natural as Spring coming after Winter.  It is a cosmic cycle.  Some will be "fixated" with the surface of these visitations, and you are here to teach the deeper meaning of contact, and what it will "bring to humanity".  It is a Spiritual Shift.

People will need a lot of Guidance and support in this change. Its not just 1..2..3 and lets go.  For some, this is just a fairytale, and they couldn't imagine this, even in their wildest dreams.  Isn't it wonderful to be here and Be a part of this "Magical change".  This is not all about Physical contact, it is a contact with the Divine within us, on many levels.

You will work together with the Federation Teams here on Earth, in all sorts of areas, depending on your passions.  Some examples could be:
  • New architecture that benefits nature and humanity.
  • Opening a healing or meditation center.
  • Supporting the animals.
  • Supporting people that need shelter and food through the various "Federation Technologies" that will be available to all.
  • Cleaning Planet Earth's seas, oceans and skies from pollution.
The possibilities are endless for what you can do. You will also have your own Personal "contact" within the Federation that Knows who you are, like a mentor.

There will be a lot of "Support" from the Awakened Earth people, who have Always known about this, and came to this Earth to Prepare and be of service in these times of first contact and Transition.  You have a lot of knowledge within you, that will be triggered within these "First contact events".  It will be a rush of Intuitive knowledge, that has been there since your birth. It will come to a conscious level when we need it.

You will also be able to travel around the world effortlessly, in shuttle crafts, the sense of Freedom will be enormous, and it will take a while to Adapt.  There will also be  centers, like "ambassador" centers, where people can "interact" with beings from various worlds like Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and many others.  There will be a lot of Education going on, through various methods, such as "holographic light technology".  So you will learn what is happening and Why.  No one will be left behind and all will get their answers.

From my point of view, this is how we will be introduced to the Galactic Federation.
  • Changes in Economic Systems, a temporary transition system, because we wont need money.  It's more beneficial to share and exchange services with each other in pure love and harmony.
  • Media will slowly announce their presence in stages.  This has been done already, one example is "The disclosure project with Steven Greer", and many others. Millions of people have been working on bringing forth the "Energy of first Contact", you are one of them. It will just be more "Headline News" than before, instead of covering it up.
  • Massive "Flyovers" by the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Fleets all over the world, that no one can Dismiss. People will be able to Film and photograph these sightings of crafts with great detail, and be able to share it on the Internet, where it will spread like wildfire.

Through Diversity We Find Unity

The Cosmic Civilizations are a "higher version" or expression of ours in tune with the Divine Energies.  Cosmic people have unique energy signatures just as we do, a so called personality, which emanates through their heart.  It will feel effortless to communicate and be with our fellow brothers and sisters, and there will be a lot of laughing and a lot of curiosity.

They have nothing to hide, they simply emanate their Unique Aura and personality for everyone to see and feel. They are masters at being themselves.

It is also Expanding for them to meet us. We are a reflection of them, and They are a reflection of us.  Meeting a being from another world, could be like meeting a stranger on a street you've talked to for a short moment, but didn't know.

We chose to "incarnate" into this density and "limited" reality to Change it from within, and many of the Federation and Ashtar Command have always "had an Loving Eye on us". They highly respect us for our choice to come here and Support Earth and humanity in this transition.  So we are them!

We could not Force these changes from the outside, we invited the Higher energies, due to our Intent, by being here on Earth incarnated and grounding the Cosmic Energies, that is why the Federation can come into this World, because we have "integrated" Light-Awareness into this Reality.  If no "volunteers" would have come here to raise the consciousness, this type of "Contact" would not be possible.

We came to earth and choose to forget everything and slowly we started to remember who we were in this process.  We slowly raised the collective consciousness to a higher Awareness.  So this has been a "long term" partnership, we invited the Federation to come here.  It is not an accident.

So people who see "First Contact" as interfering, have forgotten that people from many Star Systems, Universes and Dimensions have been here for Thousands of years working towards this event.

We will actually take the wisdom of being on Earth with us forever, and Share that with other civilizations.  We will also support other Newly awakened civilizations in the Universe with their Ascension, just as the Galactic Federation has done with us, and will do unto others.  It is natural to support each other through all levels of creation.

We will actually Have a Huge diversity on Earth in this shift, because beings from many systems, will be a part of first contact. We will be presented to those who are most "human like" at first, and then the Cat-like beings, the lion beings, and so on, and what we call reptilians, because all are not dwelling in darkness. We can't judge anyone by their appearance, it's the heart that matters.

We will Find Unity Through Diversity in this contact.  Being One isn't about being the Same.  It's about sharing and honoring the "uniqueness within everyone" as they are.  There are a lot of planetary "Ceremonies" in different civilizations, that is a part of their so called "culture".  We will also build out own WAY OF LIVING here on Earth.  The Galactic Federation is here for support, not to Take over our "Duties".

Enjoy the simple things in life, that you may not experience again, because, soon things will not be the same any more. Our reality will change. I have only touched the "surface" of what will come and be possible, but this gives you a certain idea of the energies we will be introduced to.
You may wonder when Contact will happen?

This is not a "waiting game".  Do we choose to wait or do we choose to BE WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE, right here and right now?  There is nothing to wait for.  We are in the midst of it.

"Official Contact" is not just ONE event, it's an "unfolding" sequence.  It is happening right now, it will step up and be more and more obvious.  It's about being confident and knowing that what we seek is within our Hearts.

I am a Galactic Federation & Ashtar Command Earth Ambassador-Diplomat representing the Sirian Energies.  I wish you Peace and Joy in this Transformation of Consciousness.  You are not Alone, We are "ALL-ONE".  My "mission" is to be the change here and now, reminding my fellow travellers about who they truly are, by being an example.

My final words will be, Nothing is New under the sun, Be The Highest Vision of Yourself.


Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article:  and


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Culture of Belief
                  In the Kingdom there is no teaching or learning, because there is no belief.

 The messages I have been assigned to give all begins with the one generalized idea that runs like a string with beads throughout each and every message.  That generalization is that this world is not real and it will never be real.  If one can accept that truth, the messages I bring can help lead you into the real world where God never left.
The main reason it is difficulty for most people to leave the world behind is because almost everyone has found some value here but as the Course in Miracles states: 
It is impossible to see two worlds. Let me accept the strength God offers me and see no value in this world, that I may find my freedom and deliverance.

Many see the giving up of the world a sacrifice but this is not true.  To give up the world is to make a conscious choice through awareness to have a God Experience while still in this world and to choose to be one with Jesus/Holy Spirit and be where they are when you leave the body behind. 

Most believe that happens automatically.  It does not.  First, it does not mean you cannot live a life on the so-call normal side.  You can have your job, children, get married, go to school or whatever.  The Holy Spirit only asked that It may guide you for your own good.  When you open up to the His Guidance, others, many others, benefits along with yourself.  That’s the difference.  Thus your life becomes one of selfless love rather than selfish gain.  The Holy Spirit only knows how to guide you into a life of selflessness.

He does not want to take from you but want to use what you already have and make it holy in order to fulfill God’s plan and purpose and so you may become aware of your own joy.

The purpose of my messages is to share with you the holy relationship I share with Christ through Holy Spirit.  I have been in this relationship since 2002.  AT least that is when I became aware of the relationship but we have always been together, He guiding me along the pathway of the Real life. 

The first message I got from Him in 2002 was simply, “WRITE!”  There is a story behind this for which I will tell at another time.  In the meantime I am simply writing to share the messages I receive as I have been instructed to do. 

Briefly, I want to speak about A Course in Miracles.  This book came to me in a supernaturally phenomenal way and it changed my life in a holy instant.  Since I was a child I had held the world as a ‘suspect’.  I could not accept all the traditional teachings handed down to us, generation after generation because it did not add up.

There was a big chunk of something missing and I would discover that’ something’ was the simple truth for which I found when I cracked opened that beautiful blue book with gold letterings that stated: 

This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite. This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

The world I lived in before A Course in Miracles was based in fear, violence, greed and deceit.  Yet here, the Course was telling me that none of these things really mattered because they were nothing and had no effect on me if I knew who I was, a creation of God.

Here it was also telling me that when I was ready to face the awareness of love’s presence I would receive a course in miracles which will help me do that.  What more could I ask for than God Himself?

I have been writing for a long time and have been knowing for just as long that I would eventually write a book on the lessons I received through my life experiences and the Teachings from Holy Spirit.

One night I dreamt that I was having a conversation with a woman when a thought came to me.  That thought was, ‘The Culture of Belief’.  When I received the thought I instantly knew that it was the title of a book that I would write.  In the dream I quickly got up and wrote it down.

The woman in the dream asked me what I was doing and I told her that I had just received the title for the book I was to write.  This is a prelude to what is coming.  I am led to write what I write through inspirations from Spirit.  As I am inspired the messages will unfold without my help. 

One thing I can say at this time is that the world as we know it is based on the culture of belief.  We must begin to question and examine why we believe what we believe.  This is because what  most believe is not in alignment with truth and only truth will set you free from the conflicting beliefs of a world that is limited.  We were not created to be limited but to live life more abundantly.